About Me

I am a curious person.

I enjoy crafting clean codes, traveling, cooking a hearty meal and creative automation. I like to converse. Converse about marvels of nature, minimalist design, lesser carbon footprint, conscious engineering, interesting tools and creative ideas.  I appreciate light heart’d humor, constructive criticism and optimism. Secret weapon – “sarcasm” (at times used in abundance ).

I teach when paid. $-$ (chiching). I consult for the thrill of lasting experiences and lucrative choices. I have an incorrigible addiction toward interesting questions and research about them in extreme ratios.

On spare time I doodle, blog (new found toy), clean, organize, trek and pretend to be a yogi.

My Ikigai? Is one possible at all? err… hmmm… then it would be “Unassuming Being”.