Code Schools Vs University

Evgeny Shadchnev (Makers Academy). An interesting interview on learning software development from an university vs code schools such as Makers Academy.

Key Points:
1. 1000 hours of practice for decent level of programming skill in a (ONE) programming language.
2. Code schools are target with laser focus on a single skill towards quick junior level employment; while the university looks at knowledge and skills in the long term.
3. Code schools learners host are matured and keen to switch career, while universities deal with younger fresh audience keen for quality formal education.
4. Code schools look at producing high quality junior programmers; Interestingly, when it comes to qualified code school teachers they have short lived career span of teaching only for few years – because frameworks/languages/platform are outdated faster.
5. The code school curriculum is flexible, meaning they don’t follow rigid time table; they function on challenges and mini-projects where learners research, self-educate and finish in their own pace.
6. The optimal class size for code school is recommended to be 24 – with at least two instructors. Projects are done as smaller teams with plenty of mentoring.
7. Key success of a code school – lie in the manner of learner selection and screening models.
8. In history, code schools where always available, but the trail blazer was the bootcamp (@ US 2012) a few years ago. Also finding a sustainable business model in this space is difficult and hence many of code schools also are short lived including the famous bootcamp. One of the success pointer for a code school is to partner with corporate (hiring partners) for perennial flow of learners.
9. While online version courses are cheaper, learning modes can be challenging; Also post learning, recruitment for remote learners in good technology companies is highly challenging. Thus code schools prefer offline learning as a more effective way of learning and recruitment.

SE-Radio Episode 304: Evgeny Shadchnev on Code Schools

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