Spark + Scala + Windows 10

Run and test your Spark codes without VMs and Dockers for starters. Introduction The goal of this post is to help people to install and run Apache Spark in a computer with window 10 platform without much hassle. This post is composed of pieces of installation content—somewhat similar to LEGO bricks—that you can work around … Continue reading Spark + Scala + Windows 10

‘Server less’ Or ‘Serve Less’

The journey of distributed computing has evolved over the years from physical deployments to virtualization, to platforms, to services, to container orchestration and now towards server-less compute services. The word 'server-less' doesn't mean lack of compute resources but rather a consumer perspective where such physical boundaries are non existent and computation happens on a need-basis. Server-less … Continue reading ‘Server less’ Or ‘Serve Less’

Essential Gradle – A Birdie’s Look.

This blog is to help the reader understand essentials of Gradle build tool. Introduction Building a software is a craft by itself; build process usually involve a series of task such as picking the right libraries, compiling the source code, package distributed executable,  test using automated scripts and report process progress. Each task can be broken down … Continue reading Essential Gradle – A Birdie’s Look.

Code Schools Vs University

Evgeny Shadchnev (Makers Academy). An interesting interview on learning software development from an university vs code schools such as Makers Academy. Key Points: 1. 1000 hours of practice for decent level of programming skill in a (ONE) programming language. 2. Code schools are target with laser focus on a single skill towards quick junior level … Continue reading Code Schools Vs University